Thouin Pools & Spas

For over 40 years, Thouin Pools & Spas has been Kingsport's source for all Pools, Spas, pool & Spa cleaning supplies and outdoor accessories. Currently we work with several brands that are of the highest quality! They are:

Doughboy Pools Legacy Pools Oxygen Pools

How Our Process Works:

We start by taking a drive to you, so that we can get a feel for the property and the install, as no two pools or pool installs are the same.

Secondly, we start by determining your budget. This gives us an idea of all the options that are available to you.

Thirdly we listen to you and figure out the best pool options for you. We think of it like this: A pool is an investment on your family, overall happiness, as well as enjoyment. Therefore, you need to be 100% happy with the pool that you are purchasing before we install.

Finally, we move to the install phase. It's important to note a few things: Weather can hinder our install time due to the equipment that we need to bring to your property. Additionally, we do not want to ruin your yard. Once our install process is done, we hope that you'll be as satisfied with your pool as we are with our project. We take a great deal of pride in our work, and we hope you make a lot of memories in your new pool!

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